Solar energy in everyday life as a fundamental principle

Energía solar en la vida cotidiana como un principio fundamental

It moves us

Science and Philosophy

We have all the tools and the knowledge to achieve great change. Information and knowledge is nothing if we do not cultivate ourselves and apply it for the general good of species and Humanity.


Everything is mind. Consciousness will allow us to understand our mission in life. We can be happy as long as we know ourselves and our environment.


GAIA has always been with us. She feeds and cares for us, we can do no less for her. Everything we need to be happy is here.

Companies and divisions of the Phineal group

The Phineal Group has three business units and companies designed to operate autonomously but with a single philosophy.


CENTRAL SpA® is a company of the Phineal group specialized in photovoltaic systems connected and isolated to the electrical network under the distributed generation scheme.


Advanced manufacturing platform for electric mobility and energy storage systems. Develops equipment for efficient energy management in various fields of application.


phiNet® is an information platform with a network of measuring stations for the provision of services for the solar industry and integration with Phineal’s information platforms.

Proporción aurea en el Nautilus. Sección en corte

Phineal, is a company focused on electrical engineering projects and solar energy. Established in 2013, the company has products and services for industry that will contribute to the sustainable development of America and the world, and is formed by a multidisciplinary team, focused on electrical engineering projects with specialization in solar energy, power electronics, measurement systems, platforms and blockchain.

Phineal offers specialized engineering services for photovoltaic power generation projects in their different stages, from the phase of evaluation of the solar resource, the implementation of these and the subsequent traceability of the generation and monitoring operations and optimization of the processes associated with the operation and maintenance of these.

Phineal also offers applied R&D services, aimed at obtaining new products and services for the photovoltaic solar industry and energy storage, maintaining the focus of its work on obtaining measurable results and generating value for its different projects and clients. Its main lines of research are the development of new technologies for the management of photovoltaic plants and systems, energy storage systems, and the development of autonomous systems for measuring, acquiring and processing generation, solarimetric and meteorological data.

Hurricane with hexagonal shape in one of Saturn’s poles. First seen in 1981