Analysis of the solar resource and economic analysis of the photovoltaic plant 

  • Examination of the solar resource and setting up time series to analyse the photovoltaic energy generation

  • Data processing by BSRN-WMO standards

  • Simulation of energy scenarios with different photovoltaic technologies

  • Design and optimization of the solar field according to the technologies and customer’s selection

  • Analysis of the electric energy injected into the grid (DEMS and self-consumption)

  • Price analysis of the project’s grid connection point

  • Economic analysis of photovoltaic projects (investment and projected long-term amortization)


Cierre perimetral

Installation of measuring stations to analyse the solar radiation

  • Solar radiation in horizontal plane – Pyranometre ISO9060

  • Solar radiation in inclined plane – Pyranometre ISO9060

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Wind speed and direction

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Measurement of other relevant variables

Electric engineering of photovoltaic plants

Network compatibility test for the connection to the medium voltage grid

  • Calculation of the elctric parametres of the medium voltage grid. Requesting the parameters at the distribution company. 

  • Electric simulation at the medium voltage grid to verify the reaction with or without the solar plant in permanent or temporary state

  • Elaboration of the report with description, results and conclusions

Detailed electric engineering of the photovoltaic plant 

  • Detail of the electric system of the solar plant in low voltage in direct and alternate current as well as in medium voltage

  • General unilineal diagram of the solar plant

  • Elemental diagram of direct and alternate current with connection details between the equipment

  • Layout plan of the electric equipment and the associated channeling

  • Diagram of the communication system of the solar plant parts

  • Quotation of investment, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant

Section calculation and conductor specification of direct and alternate currents in low voltage circuits

  • Calculation report of: current capacity, short-circuit capacity and voltage drop

  • Particular technical specifications: detailed list of wiring with indication of isolation and length

  • Measuring of soil resistivity and conclusion report

  • Report with curve interpretation, layer determination and their equivalent resistors

Calculation and design of the ground grid  

  • Analysis of the available equipment and structure of the plant for the determination of the ground grid

  • Creation of a layout plan

  • Creation of a calculation report

    Coordination and adaption of the electrical protections of the solar plant at the connection point to the medium voltage grid

  • Calculation of the electric parameters to adjust the security measures of the solar plant

  • Electric simulation to calculate fault currents with or without the connected photovoltaic plant

  • Determination of adjustments for the electrical protection of the plant

  • Creation of a description report about procedure, results and conclusions

 Initial operation of the solar plant  

  • Programming the operation software and inverter for the connection to the medium voltage grid

  • Field advice to test the equipment and the connection of the solar plant


Auditoring of photovoltaic installations 

  • Audit comissioning: operating voltage measurement, electrical protection verification, measurement of grounding.

  • Measurement of inclined solar radiation [W / m2] and energy production at low voltage of the photovoltaic plant [MWh]. Elaboration of a report with the output power vs. expected power

  • Inspection of the inclined angle, distances and verification of equipment and installed module

  • Maintenance report for the verification of the energy production decrease due to material attrition or other factors.

Photographing and aerial video 

  • Photographing and aerial video of photovoltaic plants

  • Photographing and aerial video of roofs for solar projects

  • Overlay photographs and surface calculations with images and Google Earth Pro

Dust monitoring on photovoltaic modules 

  • Installation of a dust monitoring system

  • Tracking of the energy production decrease and the incident solar radiation (daily analysis)

  • Provision of the necessary information for the maintenance planning of the photovoltaic plant

  • Studies before the installation of the plant to determine the dust indexes in the solar field


Thermographic analysis for preventive maintenance of PV-systems 

  • Inspection of heat spots on solar fields

  • Inspection of electric connections of photovoltaic systems

  • Protocol analysis of heat spots on solar fields

  • Temperature measurement on PV modules and comparison with thermography pictures

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